Weekend trip with Pavel – VIDEO


Kablis went with his freeski friend Pavel and the best Mary for a short trip on Nechranice reservoir and then hike to Raná hill.


With Pavel we know each other probably because of our love for freestyle, shaping and video making. You can know Pavel from our older video where we were closing winter season. That’s why I had to visit Pavel after season. We were dying because of superhot weather that’s why we went to Nechranice reservoir. After some swim sessions, walkie with Mary and drowning her ball we brought her back and straight away started another adventure. Our hike on Rana hill was fun and challenging because we just saw mountain so we tried to find the path. Once we were on the road, the other time conquering the field and on last part we crossed airfield. After short but pretty good sleep we checked sunrise and went (This time just using oficial paths.) back and finished nice weekend with editing this video. Thanks for great adventure!

Also check Pavel’s Insta: @pajples

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