Ore Mountains with Vojta


It’s november and I’m done with my sickness. Curently I’m in between L&L trip and Norway adventure. But as you know me, I just have to squeeze one more adventure with my friend Vojta. He came from Pilsen to finally see my homeland.


Vojta is my really good friend who came to visit my hometown for the first time. He love to travel, hike (So you’ll see him here more often.) and sick jokes. That’s why he’s getting Power Ranger of white colour, from my mum as a gift. (Best gift of his life.) Vojta is attaching this toy with rised right hand on his backpack and so we can start our journey protected by White Power Ranger. At first we didn’t know where to go but thanks to the time press I decided to do trip I’ve already done but which I totally like + I can show to Vojta all the beauty of place where I grew up. Let’s go to Neklid! First day we see “anti abortion stickers” all around us. It’s not possible to strip them easily so we at least scratch them down. Vojta is dancing on place where was dancing floor of pub “At the end of the world“.

I’m showing Vojta skanzen which is also super cool climbing spot where we definitely have to go climbing. On that spot we take our first dump. First food is coming not much longer at Fišer spring and proper view with White Power Ranger photoshooting is hapening at top of Špičák mountain.

When we made it to Přebuz it was getting dark so I could enjoy this Islandic scenery as in my old times. I love it so much. When we made it to Sauersack it was already dark. Vojta will have to wait for this insane view for tomorrow. We’re cooperating the best we can to climb all the way to the roof of this old mine to get into covered room where we can finally camp and talk all the way till the night.


After windy night we’re waking up with rising sun above us and we can enjoy this day to the fullest.

First thing of the day is to explore this madness and another photoshoot which takes over an hour.

Then whe have to start our journey where we can enjoy thiw swamp like scenery. We’re meeting horses with lamas and cats. Because I didn’t see Vojta for a long time the rest of the time excep meeting horses with lamas and cats we’re filling up by talking and talking. (Because night was short and Vojta is lazy to read L&L Trip.)

White Power Ranger is helping us to get some water and then we’re making it up to Blatenský vrch. In the evening we’re deciding to sleep on camping tables near Rote Grube.


After squeaky night we can enjoy classic Neklid weather. (fog) So we follow wooden poles for crosscountry skiing. Pole by pole we make it to Boží Dar where we realise that we have too much time to wait for a bus. In that case we have to check my moust favourite viewpoint at Neklid .♥

On the way there we checked new view tower and in that moment something amazing happened. Clouds spreadded out so we rushed to the top of the mountain to see the best we could. Amazing view with sea of clouds under us. Vojta is having best times and so we have last lunch and White power byeeeee.

As dessert I made this video. Most of the shots are done by Vojta on his potatoe phone but this time it’s not about quality but about memories and bromance. ♥ #liveYOURlife

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