Alaskan Randomiary #8


Can you? Because I can! I’m problematic, tired, not overworked, but I CAN. What all I can are you asking? You can find it out in this episode. 😉

DAY 44 – M*A*S*H

Started on breakfast with the crew. Radek already bought ticket home so I should start doing something so I can fly with him. After breakfast we went to clean boxes but Mrs Margaret needed us at case up so we though that it will be nice 12 hours in work and, nope…. Surimi didn’t have enough time to freeze properly and it started raining outside so thanks to the #LUKYLUCK we worked only 5 hours. If we would go to Pollock where we should be originaly, we would have more hours but I hate it so much there, that I was OK with that. What we gonna do now? Maybe I’ll check some movie and go sleep early so I can book those tickets tomorrow.


I’m trying to book tickets but I failed big time because I forgot my passport in my room. At least now I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Straight after breakfast I went for a walk because it was nice weather. Everybody else went into the church but I found, an abadoned place with rusty barrels all around, while exploring city. It was like in movie. I took few pictures but in the moment sherif came and kiced me out of there just because there was the generator and fuel. In that moment started to rain and sun was setting pretty fast. So I joined the church party. While entering the church there is lady planting flowers. “I’m planting flowers” she sais. Hmmm I would never know. Lel. I’m watching basket match and trying to play ping pong. We’re listening christian rock which is playing there all the time. Awesome thursday moment.


It’s morning and I’m checking TV where is written that all of us are going to Pollock. I put my smelly clothes on just for the way to laundry where they told us that our group is not working today. So we go chill on COD where is rest of our crew. Jiri is telling us that they’ve been working whole 15 minutes! Rest of a day we’re watching Halloween maraton in TV and then I’m reading.


Last few days I couldn’t sleep properly but tonight it was extreme. So I woke up at 12:00 (Midnight for me.) that I’ll go to nature. Weather was great, what could go wrong? “There is no radio for you today.” Again? I’m really fucked up from all of those doing nothing, not lseeping, missing etc. So I angryly went sleep again. No breakfast, no respect. I slept like 2 hours because I forgot to turn “work” alarm off. So I check TV which says “Pollock”. Let’s try it and we’ll see. But I doubt it. Martin is already leaving to work so I told him to scout it for me and give me the info. “I just met Maria and she said that there is work for us.” In 5 minutes I’m going to work and Maria is telling me “Your group has no work not. Maybe at 9.” Pardon me? WTF. That’s too much on me so I’m wondering how to clean my head here. On COD is Radek also devastated. We’re chatting and then one guy from Ukraine comes to us and asking us if we want to have work. FUCK YEAH! “Follow me.” Pollock again. We’re waiting by timekeeper Eric (He shoul be the guy who knows who will be working where and when. Actually he is just narc idiot who can’t speak but loves to shout on people. PS His girlfriend is so fit that she doesn’t fit into his PC background and when she is not there he has his got selfies there. ) what’s gonna happen. We’re talking with Martin about our bad luck everytime we’re on our travels. So I’m telling him that I named it #LUKYLUCK. In that moment Eric is saying “I need one persol less.” “You see? That’s what I’m talking about.” I’m saying to Martin and leaving. Fuck it! But I know what I’ll be doing now.

Fuck work from 9. I’m going to run so I can clean my head a bit. It’s amazing and on my way back I see them onloading boat. (They’re waiting for hook to come just to hook palet on and waiting again.) I met guys from Bulgary in the bathroom and we’re planning to watch some movie on PC. (Why I didn’t take PC when I though that I’ll be working 12-16 hours every day?) After few minutes of movie is coming foreman and asking me “Do you want to work?” “FUCK YEAH!” Last goodbyes and few moments later I’m sliding frozen surimi into the boxes. Chill. Later somebody told me that that work from 9 was moved to 9:30, then 9:40, worked 2 hours and shutdown. I worked 6 hours while 3 hours watching how to change broken engine. Guys showed me how someone lost his finger over tere and some other “funny” stuff like tis. “COD is here, you have overtime. HAHA” says my boss but I do not belive him. (Because COD is sleeping already and everybody is fishing CRAB. ) But it was true. Martin didn’t show up and I was kicked out after 2 hours. On my way to bed I see that I have problem because I wasn’t in work those 2 hours and that I must go immediately into the office. Fuck it I’ll go tomorrow.


Pollock again. I’m going straight to Eric and asking him why is my name on TV. He doesn’t even look at me “ID“. “Why? What is going on?” “Give me your ID.” I’m giving him my card and he unlock his PC, with his selfie on background, open some text document and starts filling it. I’m asking him for explanation all the time so he finally looks at me.

E: “You’ve not been in work yesterday. Why?”
Me: “I was working yesterday.” Everyone who was written on TV is gathering around us in the meantime.
E: “Yeah? When?
Me: “From 11. Foreman came for me.”
E: “And before?”
Me: “I wasn’t working before.”
E: “You see?” And continued with filling sheet.

I poked him in the shoulder and told him “You pesonaly sent me home because there was no work for us here. You were in laundry and told me that.” He gave me my ID over shoulder without any words, checked me out from list “OK…..NEXT!”.“.

VICTORY! I went to say this to Martin because he was curious how it’s gonna end up and I realised that all of this not let others fuck out with me, that we’re all just people in the end, if you don’t try you loose everytime and many other stuff I know just thanks to traveling. I’m so super glad for that (Thanks traveling.) because few years back I would just silently stand there letting him do whatever he wants. Now I see how he loves to shout and bullshit people and I will not be scared of that. One co-worker got that warning so he went to HR like what does it means to get warning for 2 hours after 2 delays after working 6 months at the end of the season and they told him that Eric is idiot so he don’t need to care about that and threw warning away. After that we was working 6 hours in Pollock which was like 12 years on COD and went sleep pretty fast.

DAY 49 – I CAN!

I woke up super early. I’m reading a bit and after breakfast I asked if I can go on trip aaaaand… I CAN!!!! Sherif is showing me how to use radio but in my head is ringing just WHAAAT? I CAN! Just after 8 attemps? Then sherif check me and ask “Are you really going just in shorts?” “No worries I know what to expect from mountains.” I put some clothes on, refil food and water where I met our crew so I’m asking if someone want to join me. They’re shocked that I can but nobody wants because weather doesn’t look good for them. I don’t get it. It’s not cold, windy either, it’s just cloudy. So I go alone. I’m hanging mandatory hi-vis vest on my backpack for a case that I’ll be cold and departing. I CAN run, spit, sing, breath but especially I CAN! Freedom, hapines and euphoria. (Like a cow just released to freedom. That’s how I felt like.) I hiked to highest mountain on our side of bay. There is broken antenna, I finaly properly saw vulcano, hot springs, snowy mountains, 3 sides of isle, sea, sea and sea. Huge cargo ship is leaving our island, Eagles are cruising below me, ravens are biggest I’ve ever seen and I also’ve seen my happiness. I came back after 3 hours, played Saboteur and another 6 Pollock hours. I fell asleep straight after shower and….

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