Alaskan Randomiary #6


Fun continues and tension is building. Love, crisis, boom and unexpected twist is coming right now.


Work is… I don’t know where but not here. At least everybody came to play Saboteur. Soon we’ll scratch out all pictures on cards if we’ll play it so much. We’ve been laughing so much again. Talking about all problems we have here and at midnight work came to us. So I had chilled 12 hours. The only problem was that I needed to shit a loooot. I’m really enjoying shover a lot and I’m still watching that hair which is stucked in silikon and is here from first day I came here.


In nice mood I’m walking for breakfastdinner and Martin is not there. He didn’t take his rain gear either. (Maria from laundry knows that we’re coming always together so she’s giving us both rain gears together.) I’m going to wake him up but I don’t know what room he has. I’m trying doors 303 (Right room was 302…. almost.) and nothing. I’m walking sadly to work because he never came late. On the last moment he came and told me that he just wanted to sleep as long as possible. He had even time to buy Coke. (as he wanted from first day here)

After work I’m still sad and sickness from belt is not helping. And that I’m 12 hours thinking about stuff I really don’t want to, doesn’t help at all. My head is playing games with me so my strategy was work on 200% so I’ll have no chance to think about anything. I was so fast that my kolegue Alena had no work at all but she didn’t mind because she could 12 hours flirting with our boss. My tactic made shift running in the speed of light and I also had nice time on toilet. So I can go sleep now.


Hi, my name is Lukas and I’m melancholic. I keep everything, even things I’m writing here, deep inside of me and if I’m not able to relese it out, I make BOOM. Today I blew out at work. I hope that I won’t have a big problem.


Soon I’ll close first working month! It’s so strange how everybody is counting days here differently. Martin is checking calendar in phone and he’s looking forward to “turn a page”. Another guy is counting laundry days and I’m checking how are healing my scratches, Do I really have to cut my nails again? and how everybody’s beards are growing. (Yes, even Bara’s beard. lel) Actually it seem like one long, endless day full of events. So I’m glad that I’m writing this because without my Randomiary I wouldn’t be able remember half of it. I’ve got info that it’s freezing in Czech Republic. Not here but I’m looking forward to go snowboarding again.


Today 16 hours. Cool.


Another 16 hours. Not that cool.


16 hours. Why not. Last 5 hours we’re with Martin off loading boat with HALIBUT. At first moment we’re kicking out black passenger. (Small, sweet bird who was waling across the boat like captain.) After that we climbed down into the tank where was just ice and fish. We’re digging fish and putting them on the net which is taken by crane straight into the factory. Some pieces we have to pull in 3 people. Fish like this cost like 1500$. By the end of the shift I’m pretty much done but it was great. We had nice chat with sailors.

When I though that it’s end of shift, biggest fun came. They called all Europeans together and told us that our visas weren’t extended. So we can work max ’till next midnight and then we’ll wait 4 days if extension will come or not. If not we’re going straight home. What a nice news especially when they told us first day that our visas are extended already 100%. You really can’t trust even yourself here.


Morning is really rough. I’m tired and it takes me 4 hours in work to totally wake up. I’m punching out before midinight and watching how is everybody sad/pissed of. I’m pissed because I really hate lies and they’ve been lieing us till the very end. I’m really done. GN

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