Alaskan Randomiary #5


Fifth episode is opening window to Akutan seasons. You can read, how does it looks like when I’m winter hibernating or having spring mood, right now.


Thanks to the wind, no ship could sail so all of them went back to the harbor. For us it means that there is no work. We’re cleaning some stuff for a while and the they kick all of us out. My plan is to go sleep for a bit and then try trip, or some games at church. We met by the table to play Saboteur what I realyyyyyy like. At 1am everybody went sleep. I felt asleep at 2am and alarm is woking me up at 4pm that I should go work. WHAT? Did I really sleep 14 hours? I was waking up because of nightmares but 14 hours? That’s crazy. They told me that whole day was awesome weather but it looks that my body needed it so what.

They’re kicking us out from work after 4 hours. Martin is asking timekeeper what’s going on and other 3 people are also bitching that they don’t have enough hours. So he’s saying that he’ve got 2 positons in freezer. “It’s gonna be cold and hard work there.” He looks on Martin and he says yes. Then one by one says no and I’m taking it. What’s wrong with them? So we’re getting freezer suit and let’s go. Martin got marker and he’s writing numbers on palets so he wasn’t in feezer single minute. I’m going in to scrape frozen air from ground. It’s almost like shaping and finaly chill (-18°C) so I’m happy. I’m getting 2 African guys (read: viewers) who can’t handle cold so they’re all the time going to “warm up”. When they’re watching how I’m working, they’re bitching that I’m working too fast. lel. I made 12 hours, awesome. I’m taking nice hot shower which is with songs my favourite and most freedom part of the day. It was great.


My stomach is upside down so my apetit is pretty fucked up. Again. I hope that it’s gonna be better soon. In the work they’re trying to kick us out after 6 hours in. I’m saying to Martin to change clothes as slow as is possible so we can write whole hour. “OK” We’re still changing and there is boss coming. “Did you punch out?” “Nope” “Follow me then.” And he gave us crazy positions. “Go to this belt and take big filets out here in basket.” and ran away. What? All filets looks totally the same. Bigger problem is that even bigger boss is coming. So I’m rushing to pick few random filets out. He came to basket, looked in and threw all my filets back to the belt. Swung with head and walked away.

Fuck. What am I doing here? I check on girl next to me and she is checking quality + doing my job. Worst thing is that all those filets look the same size. I’m taking one filet from basket as sample and trying to compare it to filets on belt. After while that girl check basket and throw away half of it. “Don’t put here those torn ones.” I apologize and saying what happened and that I have no clue.” “Yeah throw here big and nice ones.” Lady on opposide side of belt is showing me example. Thank you but this is not helping all those filets looks the same to me. How did I get here? Urgh. I’m picking out at least those nice ones. That girl is picking out so many filets that I don’t know if she’s leaving me some or if every of my picks are mistake. AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I’m trying to pick some to not just stand there with the worst feeling ever. Girl is not checking basket to be sure we’re both happy and after 3 hours I’m saved by going on another crazy position. After 12 hours in work is my boss telling me that first boats came after storm so we have overtime. I’m going for lunch and finishing chilled 16 hours on normal position. Hmmmm and they wanted to kick me out after 6 hours.


Nice 4 hours of sleep are not really helping my stomach and I’m really wondering how I made it to stay 12 hour in work when they sent 3/4 workers home after 3 hours. Mail time. I’ve got new credit card and other papers. I’m throwing it into the closet and don’t care. No need for this here. I would like to know how many hours I worked already. But I’ll check it later because I’m pretty tired now. I’m meeting Radek and Jiri and they’re telling me that they didn’t let them go to the work. So we’re chating on breakfastdiner and laughing with tears in our eyes. I just love how Czech people can make fun even from worst situations. It’s really helping here. I’m enjoying shower and falling asleep with song in my ears. Do I wanna know?


I can’t tell you more than that one guy went, on the start of the shift, sleep and the other one didn’t come to the work at all. So I had to do work for 3. At one moment there was so much work that I’ve been loudly shouting FUUUUUUUCK and when this big wave was gone I had to start laughing. I’m in spring mood. For most of the people it means that they’re superhorny but for me it means that snow is gone and I WANT GO SNOWBOARDING!!!


It looked that I’ll write “nothing happened today” but at the end of my shift one guy came to me and said “Can you see him? He’s gay!” I was shocked “So what? Is it something wrong?” “Yeah it is. It’s not allowed in my country. My dad is killing gay people.” That pissed me off. I knew that there is no point of discussion but I had to. I really hate it. He lives in America over 5 years and before he was in Italy a he would still like to kill gay people…. It’s really sad. At the end he named me all gay people from factory so I told him to go back to Somalia if it’s pissing him so much and that was end. It’s evening and I’m still sad about it so I’m going to sleep it over.

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