Alaskan Randomiary #3


Third episode is here! We will check some view, work first week and get shocked when Bara and Jiri leave.


I was in the work today (What a news.) and one hour before end of the shift there was shutdown because of no work so they sent us sleep. Time was running so slow for me that shutdown wasn’t so bad. I spent that hour for writing letters. Also I made nice poop but nothing else special happened.


What a day. First of all boss sent me to do worst job ever even though rest of the team was doing something different. Whole day I was listening that we’ll have overtime so I was preparing myself for surviveing it and I would make it nice even though I was tired because I didn’t sleep enough. So they sent us earlier on lunch break and after lunch we’re asking if we have overtime. Timekeeper is nods so I’m putting that smelly rain gear on and in that moment is comming some guy. “What are you doing? You have no overtime. Punch out, now!” So I have less hours but going home later than usually. I also forgot backpack in another building then I finished and that’s also their fault! (lel)


I would never belive that I’ll be ever so pissed of not working. In 2PM (for me AM) is somebody smashing on our doors. It woke me up so I’m opening doors and that guy is just saying. “You have to go with me to sign some papers.” So I’m telling him if it can wait for 2 hours because for me it’s night and I’m sleeping so I could sign it on the way to the work. “NO, NOW!” Pissed of I’m putting my clothes on and he is knocking again. “You’re waking me up at 2AM so wait for fucks sake 5 seconds.” We came to office where I filled: Name, birth date (like gazilion times already because all the paperwork here.) and signature. I’m waiting for more papers. “That’s it. Have a nice day.” Says lady in office. That pissed me off totally. Of course I didn’t fall asleep and Martin (who had to go to the office too) was fucked up at breakfast (dinner).

After one hour in work… SHUTDOWN “We have no fish left. Take 2 hours break.” “Are you fucking kidding me?” Is it really so hard to tell us that we can come to work at 9 when they see that there is no work left? Nooo “Everybody in! Faster, faster, wooork. Hmmm we have no work left, punch out. Faster!” So we’ve been chilling for 2 hours. There was no movie in TV (Of course.) After that I worked 3 hours and some lazy guy tried to send me to another position so he could do my easier position so another shouting and rageing.

After lunch “Everybody in faaaast. Come on work faster!” After half an hour. “We have no fish, come back tomorrow.” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Was it really so important to come for 30 minutes? Like really? Come on! Nobody can count to 3 to see more than 10 seconds ahead? I’m really sick of putting off and on raingear all the time. I worked 4 hours today. So sick! At least I’ll see sun tomorrow. I want to see how long it gonna take to be pissed off that I have too much work. 😀


Before my departure I was thinking “What I’ll write to my randomiary? That I’m working, sleepeng and that’s it?” Hmmm that’s gonna be sick story. Actually there is going on maybe too many things. I’m pretty sad today. Kinda early but today was interesting day. I woke up at 12 and after long time I saw day and sun. After lunch I was thinking that I could go to city for some videos and pictures and that I could make small walk in nature. Just really small one to not have problem that I didn’t report myself. Martin joined me. I saw salomons. Almost everybody is spending their free days by fishing. how mental is that? It looks that cow was already eaten. On the lamp, I was standing under, was sitting huge eagle. We went on small hill and that view ♥. That eagle sat in our way on the way up. Martin just continued walking and got 3 meters close from him until eagle flew away. So beautifull animal. I had Canadian blueberries for snack (Mum, they would be so easy to pick.) Martin went back down and I continued bit more and then went back. I’ve been chatting with sailor and slept a bit.

I had nightmares. I’m sleeping pretty bad here. So I went for breakfast/dinner where Martin told me that we’re in trouble because of our “Trip”. We don’t care that much because second information is that Bara and Jiri should be on the way home and we don’t know why. In work we’re cleaning 4 boxes first 3 hours and 2 boxes next 3 hours so we almost rub them trough. Whole the time we’re talking why would they go home and what happened. Poor Radek. Is it because of no work? (They’re working even less than us.) Or some trouble? We just don’t know and I don’t want to belive it. Last 2 hours till the end of the shift (and even bosses love us that they’re giving us these special jobs.) I’m chosen in group of 3 that we have to punch out earlier. I’m pissed off. Why they didn’t choose anybody who is here half of ear and don’t want to work anymore. I’m here just for 2 months so every hour counts. On dinner I’m waiting if Jiri, Bara or Radek will show up. All of them are coming like nothing happened. I’m so glad to see them all. They don’t know about anything so we’re sharing informations, bitching around and laughing a lot. They’re leaving to work and I’m going to sleep. Today was really interesting day and mostly good one. But that eagle and view.


From first moment timekeeper saw us, he is waving that there is no work. “Try to come at midnight.” Heads down and headding back to change clothes. I’m totally decided to go for trip today because sun is up for long time here. I’m going to sign up for trip in to office where they’re telling me that I can’t go because they don’t have any radio for me. That pissed me off pretty much. I miss nature soooooooooo much! If I could work I wouldn’t be thinking about this but like this I’m not making money I came for and not even exploring island what would make me happy. So I’m thinking about going anyway. I’m meeting Martin and at the end we’re going to city where we’re meeting rest of our group. They worked 6 hours so everywhere it’s the same. They’re going to sleep and I’m going with Martin play table tenis to church. I takes me over 1,5 hour to throw ball in the basket so I can go to my room again “yeeey”. Lukas and balls….

At midnight came 5 ships in the same time so everybody is rushing and trying to push us to the limits. They told us that position we’ll be tonight will be our position till the end of the season. What will be my position? Of course the worst one for me. I’m not good at it, it makes me seasick, my boss is bad person and I hate it. So till end of the season I’ll be scaling and sorting filets to 6 (at the end of the season it was 10) baskets by the speed of 489461filets per second. My boss don’t even tell me good day and he is speaking in his language so often that it’s always Allahu Akbar 10000x per day. He use that word even more than Polish guys their “kurwa” and that’s hard to beat. Next to me are 2 Mexican girls who are doing that they’re doing and chatting so loud and fast that my head hurts even trough ear muffs and factory noise. Just peachy. I can’t do anything with it because other bosses tried to change my position but this boss was always going to cry to foreman so no chance for me. So I’m just standing here, sorting filets I don’t even know where, seasick because of my weak stomach because you whole day see only slowly moving infinite snake of filets and crying about my situation. At the end of the day there was so much work that I worked till 11:00 so I slept only 4 hours but didn’t work even 12 hours. EVERYTHING BAD!