Alaskan Randomiary #2


Second episode of Alaskan Randomiary is here. It starts where first episode ended. (No way. :O) How was my first working week is coming right now!


After few hours of sleep there is new day and I can go to work again. (Just to do something new.) We are veterans here already. Whole day I’m filling baskets and it looks that time freezed. I’m looking forwad to when my back get used to low belt because I’m dying on my back. Jirka from the “A” shift said that he was also in “COD” plant where he was choping, disgoging guts and I don’t know what else, huge fishes. Later we will work just there because we’re here just to help them. I’m pretty curious. The awesome thing is that I can sing loudly (What I ususally don’t do.) and nobody become deaf because we must have ear muffs because of all that noice from machines. Problem is that I remember lyrics just from one song. So today was nothing special just that I’m eating smarties.


First 16 (shift, not girl) I must say that it ran kinda fast. (Because we work 3 hours, 15 min break, 3 hours, 30 min lunch break, 3 hours, 15 min break, 3 hours, 30 minutes dinner break, 3 hours, 15 min break, 2 hours of work and bed time. ) On my way to bed I was more fresh than yesterday. That’s gonna be because we finally moved to COD plant where it is really chilled. Nobody is stressing and we are changing possitions often. For example: Cutting fish head, putting fish filets on plates and freezing them, trimming fishes, scaling and sorting fishes, carrying baskets with fish, making boxes for fish and did I already tell you that I’m working in fish factory?


It’s morning and my room mate is waking me up because I set up my alarm for 5 am which is nice because I need to wake up at 5 pm. I still can’t get used to that morning is evening and evening is morning. #LukyLuck works again. Straight in the morning (evening) I reallised that I lost my suspenders. Luckily I have shoelace wiht me. Finally we’re working whole day in the COD plant. Today didn’t come any boat so we did just bulshits around to do at least something but it was kinda good. I’m not exhausted so I’m happy. Problem is that I feel girlless = I like every second girl here even when I know that I don’t like any girl here. Strange….


Today was great day. It all started when I went pee and on the way I checked TV which is telling me if I should go to the work. There was nothing written so I went there and they told us to come 3 hours later. But because we came only with Martin there, one Filipino boss Brian told us that we can help him with boxes outside. He brink us huge plastic boxes (for fish with ice) with forklift to clean them from outside. “Just clean it a bit.” We both made 2 boxes kinda slowly, Brian is driving around and I wish you could see his face. “Slower! You work too fast.” It made me to laugh really a lot and it was whole day like this. I was finally outside on fresh air, nice weather, sunset, sea, seaguls and nice mood. What else do you want? It looks here like on Iceland. High grass, no trees, bay, hills all around and weather is changing every minute. I’m looking forward to have free day so I can go to the mountains and explore surrounding area.

In the middle of our shift came ship “Barbara” to our harbor. One guy start running towards us “Hey guys I’m on the open sea over 90 days with theese assholes. Just look at them. He is asshole, he is asshole and this guy too. And I have to cook for all of them. Just 4 more runs and I’ll be free.” He was so happy that he can finally talk to somebody new and we was glad that time was running fast with him. I like to talk with sailors because they have so many experiences and stories. We had lot of time to talk with Martin which was also great. Before end of our shift we also chopped few fishes but it was cool. We dined our breakfast and then came best part of the day. Laundry. Ladies from India and Mexico fold it soo good and everything was so accurate (and I know what I’m talking about I was working store with clothes.) that I’ve never seen it so nice. It rised my mood to the sky, awesome shower included and I can go sleep. This day was really great day.


Wow, I worked 1 week already. Yeeey it was kinda fast and I’m collecting my #LukyLuck. I already lost my suspenders, (Which lady Maria from laundry put them back so good that I can’t loose them anymore.) went on place where I shouldn’t be, jammed the machine, drop basket with fishes on my boss, fucked up PC so much that it was showing that I’m at work but didn’t came there and went to take a shover with fisherman shoes on. Just peachy, at least I’m not bored.

Todays Akutan news are: All of Bulgarian guys are ski or snowboard racers (no win). Martina from Bulgaria showed us almostnaked picture just to show us her tattoo, Martin and me are working 12 hours shifts and Jiri, Bara and Radek are working just 8-4 hours. There are friday movie nights at church which are starting 1,5 hour befory my shift starts and some other news but I already forgot it. I’m going to sleep. Good night.

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